Photo by  Simon Larsen

Photo by Simon Larsen

Video journalism

Before I lived in Copenhagen, I worked for five years as a video producer at the Associated Press in London. As well as editing stories for broadcast and online, I shot news features for AP—such as this one about two guys who grow oyster mushrooms in used coffee grounds.

As a freelance VJ in Denmark, I shoot a range of news and feature stories for AP, such as this one about a Belgian artwork in Copenhagen harbour, or this one about the world's best hotdog competition. I shoot events for SNTV—like Champions League press conferences and pre-match training sessions.

I've also shot stories for Pear Video, in China, and AJ+—Al Jazeera's online news and current affairs channel, such as this one about the Danish boarding school that teaches classes primarily through live-action role-play games.

As well as the usual suspects in my kit bag—lights, mics, cords, cards—I carry a camcorder for news-gathering and a DSLR for the prettier stuff.